Why Surgeons for Emergency Care?

Emergency surgery is challenging. Often, there is not much time to adequately prepare the patients for an optimal operative course. More importantly, it is common for surgeons to take on this task after long hours of elective work.

We have organized ourselves under SEC to address the challenges of emergency surgery and optimize the delivery of urgent surgical care. The structure set up under SEC allows the general surgeons that you have relied upon for years, to provide acute surgical care without the burden of a heavy elective schedule. In addition, this arrangement will result in a more efficient, expeditious assessment and definitive care of your patients. We believe that communication with patients, their families and yourselves will also be enhanced.

SEC will provide a dedicated general surgeon on duty 24/7 ready to respond in a timely fashion to any general surgical emergency. This dedicated approach, free of competing elective duties in the operating room or the office will allow us to respond to the needs of your patients promptly and optimally.

Of course, all participating surgeons wish to assure you that they are still available through their private offices, should you choose to consult them individually.

On behalf of the SEC Executive Committee,
Kemal Erkan

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